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Plans, Specifications and Bid Services

The Texas Department of State Health Services requires each proposed abatement project to be designed by a Licensed Asbestos Consultant, which provides detailed specifications designed for the specific project at hand.  bay Environmental Service prepares plans, specifications and complete bid documents for abatement projects.

Document preparation begins with a complete understanding of the owner's objectives, the project and the facility where the work will occur.  Provisions are included for coordination, safety of occupants and regulatory compliance.  A bid document typically includes the following:

  • A detailed scope of work that can be interpreted by qualified abatement
  • Specified adherence to applicable EPA, OSHA, TNRCC and local regulations
  • Procedures and work practices that meet the owner's requirements and regulatory compliance

A Master Specification can be prepared for use with future work where a scope of work is all that is required.

A complete bid package including all of the boiler plate information such as instructions to bidders, contract, general terms and bonding requirements, in addition to the projects specifications is most often required.

Each specification is designed by a Licensed Asbestos Consultant and Architect to assure objectives are met within the regulatory guidelines.


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