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Abatement Monitoring & Project Management

On-Site Abatement Monitoring and Project Management are essential for protecting the owner's long term interests because of the potential health and liability risks associated with asbestos.  Daily on-site presence of a licensed third party consultant is required by the Texas Department of State Health Services on public buildings.

Abatement monitoring and project management includes conducting a pre-abatement conference, observing jobsite preparation activities, establishing background data on pre-abatement conditions and observance of all abatement activities.  Services provided during abatement include:

  • Review of contractor documentation for regulatory compliance
  • Observation of work practices for regulatory compliance and adherence to project specifications
  • Daily documentation of abatement activities describing the current practices at the time the work was performed
  • Air monitoring of areas inside and outside the containment for documentation purposes
  • Independent reporting of work in progress with clear definition of whether clearance standards have been met
  • Professional assistance for quick action and objective documentation in the event of unanticipated and/or emergency situations
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring and testing to verify attainment of specified clean up standards
  • Owner's representative on-site at all times to protect the owner's interests

The final activity in abatement monitoring and project management is preparation of the overall project documentation.  This documentation includes:

  • contract documents and specifications
  • contractor submittals
  • daily summaries of work accomplished
  • deviations from the specifications
  • actions taken to correct deficiencies
  • all laboratory test results, including clearance testing.

A complete record of project activities is the owner's best protection against possible future liability and/or litigation.


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