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Operations & Maintenance Program Management

Complete removal of hazardous materials is often not required, usually cost prohibitive and rarely necessary.  Building occupants health and safety an be jeopardized when hazardous materials become disturbed or improperly maintained.

These risks can be reduced through development of written Operations & Maintenance Program which identifies prioritized, addresses and effectively monitors existing and potential hazards as follows:

  • Identify, document and prioritize existing and potential hazards
  • implement action to address immediate and high priority items
  • Monitor other hazards periodically and document conditions
  • Integrate abatement into maintenance and scheduled renovations
  • Train personnel to recognize hazards and deal with emergencies
  • Appoint safety coordinator for new employee training and to provide information to outside service personnel who work in the facility.
  • Maintain a list of qualified abatement contractors to conduct abatement in conjunction with renovations and emergency situations
  • Develop response action procedures for emergency situations
  • Maintain accurate and complete records

An Operations and Maintenance Program is designed to continually monitor changes in potentially hazardous materials and take the appropriate abatement action when necessary.  Total abatement may be accomplished over time as material conditions change or as routine maintenance and renovations occur.


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