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Environmental Site Assessments

An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is the process by which a person or entity seeks to determine if a particular parcel of real estate (including improvements) is subject to recognized environmental conditions.  Many loan institutions require a Phase 1 Site Assessment prior to loan approval and it its recommended that all potential buyers of commercial real estate invest in such a study.

Bay's staf of trained environmental professionals conducts Environmental Site Assessments following the guidelines as set forth in ASTM Standards on Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Real Estate E1527-93 and E1528-93 and consisting of the following:

  • A records review to help identify recognized environmental conditions
  • A site reconnaissance to visually and physically observe the property and any structures
  • Interview with owners and occupants to obtain information about site usage
  • Review of aerial photographs (past & present) for aid in determining site usage
  • Recommendations for further testing if required

Additional reviews can be provided such as testing for asbestos, radon and lead in drinking water with the Phase I ESA.

Should further testing be recommended, a Phase II ESA in which soil sampling and analysis can be provided to determine the extent of environmental concern and possible options for remediation.


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